Adaptive Driving Program

The Adaptive Driving Program at Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital in metro Denver provides the opportunity for individuals with injuries or illnesses to be independent by driving safely. The program is coordinated by a certified Driving Rehabilitation specialist who is also a registered Occupational Therapist. 

This program assesses patient's physical, visual and cognitive abilities to safely operate a motor vehicle. It is designed for individuals suffering from a stroke, brain injury or other injuries or impairments that have caused physical, cognitive, emotional or visual deficits who want to return to driving, but require an evaluation and/or training with adaptive equipment or compensatory training.

Adaptive Driving Program Services

Behind the wheel driving skills Adaptive equipment training
Cognitive skills Behind the wheel instruction
Physical skills Education in driving strategies
Equipment needs Adaptive Equipment
Reaction times Equipment recommendations
Visual skill Equipment prescription
    Behind the wheel drivers training and education Final fitting

    Adaptive Driving Vehicles

    The Behind the Wheel Adaptive Driving Program utilizes its own vehicles specially equipped with instructor brakes. A variety of adaptive equipment is available for trial.

    Register for Adaptive Driving Training

    To start the process, call Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital's outpatient department at 303.367.3315.

    Information that will be requested will include:

    • Physician's prescription for "Driving Evaluation and Training"
    • Client's name, address and telephone number
    • Date of birth
    • Social Security Number
    • Client's diagnosis
    • License status

    Adaptive Driving Trainer

    The Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) who is also a registered occupational therapist, will coordinate all services. The Adaptive Driving Program at Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital is a community resource.

    Program Questions

    If the client, family or physician has specific questions regarding medical conditions, Department of Motor Vehicle issues, adaptive driving equipment or funding resources, please as to speak with the coordinator.